Specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies and craft businesses, Blade compressors are ideal to contain investment and operating costs while obtaining a top level and reliable product that provides high-quality compressed air.

Main technical features of the Blade series:

  • Low rotation speed: Blade series compressors feature a very low rotation speed that results in greater reliability, lower energy consumption and very silent operation
  • Simple maintenance: the Blade series requires minimum maintenance , the few operations required are facilitated by proper kits specifically designed to speed up the operations
  • Easy installation: Blade series air compressors do not require foundations and fastening. It is sufficient to place them on a flat surface. They are supplied complete with power supply cable and plug
  • Robust and noiseless: painted with epoxy powders Blade compressors are resistant to corrosion and scratches. Very compact, they are ideal for installations in confined areas. Vane technology ensures safety and silent operation

Rotary Vane Compressor FAQs

What is a rotary vane compressor?

A rotary vane compressor is a very popular type of compressor and is used by a wide range of sectors and industries. It is a small compact air compressor, which doesn’t take up much room, is able to provide necessary air supply and deliver great efficiency. It works by funnelling air into a rotary cylinder housing and squeezing the air into a thinner and thinner channel until it is forced out the other side housing. The centrifugal force created by the motion of the rotating cylinder forces the air to suddenly compress and be ready to be funnelled into a pressure hose and then, ready to be used by a tool or instrument.

What is a rotary vane compressor used for?

It can be used for any number of applications. If you work in the wine industry and need your product to be pressurized to speed up the process of fermentation, a rotary compressor is great.

If you work in the glow blowing industry, making great glass light bulbs for modern homes, an air compressor like the type we make, is great for you too.

If you work in dry cleaning the air compressor can be used for chemical applications. It will allow for more accurate applications and be more effective and precise in this role. It’s small and that means it can be fitted to a small store, great for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

If you work in a vehicle repair garage or perhaps just like to mend things at home, a small compact rotary compressor will suit you just fine too.

If you work in agriculture, and perhaps need air compression for the purposes of operating your equipment, cleaning, or perhaps suction power when it comes to milking cows, our rotary air compressor is perfect for you as well.

If you work in manufacturing, this air compressor can be used in any number of ways. Use the compressor for drilling, cutting, stamping or plasma cutters. Manufacturing is very complex and requires a reliable and efficient air compressor.

How does a rotary vane air compressor work?

It works by using centrifugal air compression. A cylindrical rotor sits in housing. Air is sucked into one end of the rotor and spun into the cylinder’s channels around the sides. The air is forced into a narrow pass, at great speed, which causes it to build to high pressure. As the air reaches the end of the narrow channel, it is quickly funnelled out the exit. While the air is in the rotor, it is mixed with oil lubricant.

The oil is heated by the rotor but is also filtered out before the air is released out of the pressure hose. The oil is used to provide longevity to the rotor, but it presents a challenge to then extract it from the air that is compressed. It is filtered and flowed through separators. This creates clean air that is compressed and ready to be used without clogging your tools.

Advantages of rotary vane air compressors

A rotary vane air compressor is compact and can be used by multiple industries. It’s very cost-efficient. It’s also the best compressor a small business owner can buy because it requires such little maintenance and yet, it is durable and simple to repair. The RPM is also very modest, with 3,000 to 8,000 RPM being the rage you can expect. Our compressors can last up to 100,000 hours of a lifetime which is incredibly high considering how little maintenance is required. With not many moving parts, the compressor is something that you can rely upon during hot days and really cold days. It means your business will keep running and your tools will keep working, so you can keep satisfying your customers.

The main selling point is how cheap they are to run, how little repairs you will need to make during the long life of the compressor and the sheer amount of savings you make. This time of compressor design is used for vacuums and as you know, it’s often a lightweight mechanism which means that it can be moved around with ease.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and speak with one of our friendly professionals who can answer any question you might have.

Why Choose Mattei?

These global pioneers are renowned for superior, durable, efficient, and products that are easy to maintain. Here are just some of the reasons to opt for Mattei compressor parts:

1. Certified Quality – Quality is an important part of all the functions of any organisation. Constant improvement to the production processes ensures that maximum levels of satisfaction and reliability are attained. Mattei operates using this philosophy. This way of approaching clients and the industry as a whole has made the company a point of reference in the compressed gas sector.

Since its inception, Mattei has been designing and building air compressors with a focus on quality and using the best materials and parts to manufacture air compressor parts that are durable and dependable on the market. Worth mentioning is that Mattei holds a Quality System certificate from the DNV Institute under EN ISO 9001 regulations. With this certification, you can rest assured that you are purchasing reliable, efficient, and quality products.

2. Low Maintenance – Mattei’s compressor parts are designed to work for about 100,000 hours without the need to replace them. The long operating life of the compressor parts is guaranteed by the company’s high-quality machining.

3. Reliability/Safety – Direct coupling and the integrated design ensure that Mattei compressor parts remain safe and durable during operation, making them reliable over time.

4. Unrivaled Performance – Settling for less than the best can be disastrous to your business when you are in the market for industrial compressor parts. Low-quality products can cause downtime, missed deadlines, loss of productivity, and dissatisfied customers. Your business deserves the best and with Mattei’s compressor parts you are sure of getting the best value available on the market

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