Serving a large volume of industries, rotary vane air compressors provide excellent energy saving potential across a diverse level of air demand. They are also incredibly cost-effective and allow for greater levels of efficiency. Did you know that compressed air actually accounts for more than 10% of total industrial costs? This is one of the key reasons that makes the cost-effective nature of rotary vane compressors so essential.
Check out some of the key advantages of rotary vane air compressors, as well as the different benefits they provide to different industries.


Mattei rotary vane compressor technology is at the forefront of innovation – an off-set rotor with two metal Babbitt vibration isolators spinning a 1,800rpm. The vanes slide in and out to create compression pockets. This is highly efficient and durable technology, and can provide over 100,000 hours of life! Rotary vane compressors are simpler and less complex than rotary screw air compressors. They offer greater efficiency and service life, and are more cost-effective; key reasons they’re popular across so many industries.


Mattei rotary vane compressors are unique due to their technology and efficiency, but they are also in high-demand due to the number of applications they provide across multiple industries. So we’re going to take a look at the applications and advantages for specific industries right now.


Agriculture involves a large amount of equipment and machinery usage for farming, cattle rearing, and more, and this means businesses in the industry will benefit from the cost-effective nature of vane compressors, and the savings of up to 35% that are on offer. With a use case that is critical to daily operations, vane compressors are integral to the agriculture industry.

Body Shop & Automotive

The automotive industries rely heavily on the applications provided by rotary vane compressors. Whether it’s repair shops, vehicle body painting, tires & wheels, finishing tools, mechanics, and more, this is vital for so many aspects. These compressors are also important for helping the functionality of air-operated robots, which are becoming more commonplace in auto body shops. Offering decreased power consumption and durability, they’re a wonderful way for auto shops and the like to keep costs and energy usage to a minimum.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning uses many chemical applications as well as a fair amount of machinery, and much of this depends a lot on having the right amounts of compressed air. The air has to be delivered with accuracy and efficiency to ensure clothing is cleaned properly. So dry cleaning businesses are always looking for marginal gains, which makes Mattei’s high-quality, dependable rotary vane compressors a viable option. Compact and low-maintenance, these are crucial for business owners who want to focus on the business and leave the operating systems to work for themselves.

Rotary vane compressors consume far less energy than rotary screw compressors, in addition to providing accuracy and reliability that is such a core part of this industry.


In the energy industry they are crying out for rotary vane compressors, and the volume of potential applications is truly staggering. Compressed air for drilling rigs, air pumps, turbines, gas plants, and more is needed in this sector. They can even function as a source of energy with wind generators. Offering a long lifespan, great affordability, and a focus on energy efficiency, alongside durability and reliability, rotary vane compressors are an integral part of the energy industry.

Food & Beverage

There are countless applications for rotary vane compressors throughout the food and beverage industry, but some of the key ones include product handling, vacuums for packaging, filling foods such as cakes and pastries, air knives used to cut and peel produce, operating pumps, and more! From the very start of the production process right through to the end, air compressors are ingrained in the food and beverage industry. In fact, the industry couldn’t run without them.

And one of the key selling points for rotary vane compressors in this industry is that they supply air that is contaminant free, and thus adheres to health and hygiene regulations.


Rotary vane compressors are a huge and inescapable part of the manufacturing industry, no matter what the product, and no matter what stage of the process. Air-operated metal and wood working tools rely on rotary vane compressors to function. They are also used in welding, industrial cooling, printing pumps, and more. They are also integral to the future of the industry as they play a large role in robotics and automation.

Medical & Dental

In the healthcare industry there is no margin for error. Cleanliness, precision, reliability, and long-life are essential components of equipment, and this is what makes rotary vane compressors the only viable option for many medical & dental organizations. Whether it’s breathing air, helping to power air-driven medical tools, sterilizing equipment, or using medical gases, not to mention an array of life-saving treatments and procedures, their worth cannot be overstated. And they allow medical establishments to put the patient first at all times, ensuring they get the best possible treatment.

Natural Gas

Reliability and consistency are integral to gas operations, and these are some of the things that rotary vane compressors offer. In hazardous environments, these are crucial for helping clean equipment, as well as use in a variety of different gas operations, such as gas transfer and flare elimination. They provide a cost-effective and energy-saving way to help the natural gas industry evolve and thrive.


In the pharmaceutical industry rotary vane compressors are massively important, especially in the area of manufacturing. They can help to produce nitrogen and play a part in controlling the equipment used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. It has functions that help with chemical applications, accelerating the drying process, and reduces the risk of explosions. These rotary vane compressors provide a safe, clean, and quiet environment that is crucial for pharmaceutical applications.


The uses for rotary vane compressors is endless in the plastics industry, particularly with regards to automation. Accuracy and consistency are the name of the game here, and this is exactly what they can offer. In the plastics industry it is important to have systems that last long and function as well as possible; this keeps energy costs down, and helps the manufacturers remain competitive. So these compressors are a must!


The woodworking industry as a whole is highly reliant on the compressed air provided by rotary vane compressors, and this is largely because they can reduce labor time and allow for greater productivity and efficiency. The energy and cost savings that these compressors offer is invaluable for improving woodworking operations across the industry.

There are countless advantages to Mattei rotary vane compressors, not least their excellent design and functionality. They are energy-efficient and cost-effective, and they have a use case that can be applied across multiple industries.

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