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At AMS, we are committed to providing the best possible air compressor maintenance service. In production, compressed air is a vital component, and we’re on-hand 24/7 to keep your air compressor functioning at the optimal rate. Time is a valuable commodity in business, and we work diligently to prevent any unexpected breakdowns.

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Keeping your compressors running

Careful maintenance is critical to keep your air compressor operating effectively and to minimise the chances of developing issues. Small problems can easily develop into significant ones if they aren’t treated in time, meaning preventative maintenance is necessary to save you time and money.
AMS Compressor Services is a compressed air engineering business that offers expert, efficient, and quality air compressor maintenance services in Kent and London. Our team of fully trained and certified engineers brings decades of experience and ECITB health and safety training to ensure we are capable of handling any type or make of air compressor.
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Our compressor maintenance activities

Common Air Compressor Maintenance Requirements

Air compressor maintenance is absolutely essential in industrial industries. Large factories rely heavily on air compressors to operate certain machines and tools, meaning they must be in optimum condition to manage the workload. Industrial air compressor failures can cause serious setbacks for companies. This can lead to severe financial implications and major scheduling delays.
Routine machine inspections should be arranged by management to ensure all compressors are in working order and that all the parts are fully functional. If you discover potential issues, ensure that you have your air compressors maintained or repaired by a qualified professional.
Here are some common maintenance activities associated with air compressors:

Pay attention to the user manual

While this may seem obvious, many people don’t consult the user manual when they encounter issues with their machinery. A lot of the most common problems with air compressors are quick and easy fixes with the help of the user manual. This can also help you diagnose more serious problems that may require expert assistance.

Tighten the nuts and bolts

Through frequent use and machine vibrations, nuts and bolts tend to come loose. It’s essential to regularly check the state of the nuts and bolts on your air compressor. Should they need tightening, use a wrench to fasten them tightly. Ensure that you don’t over-tighten.

Take care of the intake valves

Clean and clear intake valves are essential for your air compressor to function optimally. Blocked or clogged valves will hamper the performance of your machine and can lead to issues. It’s recommended that you clean the intake valves every three months at a minimum.

Examine the hoses

As some of the most important and functional aspects of an air compressor, the hoses are susceptible to damage and wear and tear. Hoses are essential for optimal performance, so you must frequently examine them to check for wear. Don’t hesitate to replace a hose if it shows signs of damage.

Replace the air filter

If an air filter is doing its job, it will inevitably become clogged. While this is a normal function of an air filter, after a while, they need replacing. Changing the filter once a year should suffice, but you must regularly monitor it to avoid unnecessary problems.

Drain the tanks

Air compressors contain a moisture tank to store the water that’s extracted from the air. It’s important to drain these tanks before they get too full. Leaking water or excess moisture can damage your machine or cause problems within your air compressor.

Clean the air compressor cooler

An annual cleaning of the cooler is necessary to eliminate potentially overheating of the air compressor. The cleaning process involves draining the oil from the cooler, followed by a jet washing the cooler and reinstalling it. There will be a noticeable temperature drop.

Examine the shut-off system

Air compressors are equipped with a shut-off system that switches off the machine as a protective measure. This generally happens if the compressor is in danger of overheating. Shut-off systems are often problematic and can fail to activate. Consult the user manual and find out how to check if the shut-off system is functioning correctly.

Change the oil

Similarly to your car, an air compressor that uses oil requires an oil change from time to time. It’s recommended that you change the oil every 2,000 hours of use or annually. If you haven’t used your compressor for some time, you should also change the oil.

Change the oil filter

The oil filter must be changed every 2,000 hours of use to ensure the air is kept clean. Oily mist caused by a dirty filter can cause huge problems within your air compressor.

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Why should you maintain your air compression systems?

Cost-effectiveness, productivity and efficiency

Monetary savings: Poorly maintained air compressors can cost a business money in several ways. Firstly, they won’t be capable of performing at capacity, reducing the potential workload. Small issues can also develop into major problems, leading to costly repairs or replacements. Regular maintenance can reduce the chances of these issues from occurring.

Improved efficiency: Routine maintenance allows for compressors to run at full capacity. This helps to keep efficiency levels at the desired rate.

Increased productivity: In industries that utilise powerful machinery, well-maintained air compressors are essential in creating highly productive systems. Maintenance allows all machines to operate at their full potential.

Compressor Repairs

We can respond quickly to any request for emergency repairs, getting your compressor up and running again in no time. We can repair all types of compressor and are available 24/7.

Air audits and consultation

Our consultation services can quickly determine your needs, removing any guesswork. Our audits will outline areas where energy savings can be made, giving you total transparency regarding what systems we recommend.

Compressor hires and sales

As well as selling quality compressors, perfectly adapted for your facility, we also provide hire services. Short or long-term hire is available, and we offer a quick and efficient set-up.

Pipework and Installation

We provide professional pipework installation services. This is a crucial element in creating a reliable air supply. Our fully-qualified expert installers will ensure your system is installed correctly, maximising reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

About AMS

AMS Compressor Services is a Kent and London based compressed air engineering service. As an independent, family-run business, we focus on providing trustworthy, efficient, and quality services.
With an excellent team of experienced engineers, we are more than capable of installing, maintaining, and repairing air compressors of all types.
As well as providing specialised plans tailored to suit your needs, we prioritise delivering the highest level of customer service.

We offer a range of air compressor services including: